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Making a Scrapbook Film about your parents or older loved ones is an opportunity to connect with them in the present moment- while preserving details of their lives. A Scrapbook Film presents the space for them to be seen and heard. Their unique journey. Their story. Their voice. It is surprising what we grieve most after people have passed- perhaps the sound of their laughter, the timber of their voice, or the tilt of their head. Our memories of their unique mannerisms that we take for granted now do unfortunately fade over time. At Scrapbook Films, we genuinely desire to connect you to the love and joy within your relationships. So those precious, unique personalities and individual stories can live on and be shared.

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Documenting the story of your life is more than writing down the things that happened over the years, a timeline of what, who, where and when. A Scrapbook Film takes this process to a more profound level – painting a picture of the things you lived for, and loved and the depth of emotion that carried you along the way.

For some, it’s personal values and community contributions. For others, it’s art or literature. And commonly, individuals find the most meaning in the love and relationships they share with friends and family.

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Most of us have the desire to leave something behind for our families, children, and grandchildren. A Scrapbook Film legacy video can be the gift you give, to share your story and leave a lasting connection.


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